Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just around the corner

I just arrived home after our "packing" party where we distributed our supplies and gifts among the 30 or so suitcases.  I can just see it now: a Peruvian customs agent looking in any one of our bags and finding screw drivers, Tinker Bell underwear, levels, used toilet paper rolls, crayons, sweet pea lotion, pashmina shawls, M & Ms, deodorant, soccer balls, toilet paper, diarrhea medicine, instant oatmeal, bug spray, gum balls, tube socks, construction paper, quilting squares, glue, sample size toiletries, etc. and wondering "How come nobody told me the Circus was coming to town."

I am soooo excited for this awesome opportunity to serve God and His children and prayerful that hearts will be open and transford by God's love and grace.  A dear friend once told me that God's highest priority is our hearts and that His passion has to return to it.  I strive to hear my heart speak first and foremost rather than the head because I have learned the hard way that you cannot think your way to God.  May we each seek to have that deep and intimate relationship with Him.  It's all about the heart:  the place where God resides.

Please pray for us and our families who remain behind...for safe travels and for changed hearts.

Holly Fox

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