Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can you believe it??

I am giggly with excitement and only one more day until we leave for Peru.  There have been some miracles already and I am sure there will be more!  First--It was paid for!  I couldn't believe this.  $3,000 a head was needed to fund this mission--and it happened 14 times.  I was a doubter on this one.  But there you have it!  If you are one of our very generous friends or famiy members I can only say thank you. You are participating in something much larger than all of us.

Next--I can't believe all the stuff got packed!  I personally toted three big Ikea bags worth of stuff up to the church last night, I have no idea how much other stuff was brought--but the pile was huge.  At the beginning we started sorting must go and would be nice to go.  We all opened up suitcases and like little squirrels we ran and grabbed stuff off the pile, stuffed it in our bags and ran back for more.  In the end it ALL found its way into a suitcase and we had plenty of room for the nice to have pile and ended up with room left over. It was almost like the loaves and fishes.  Who could have believed it would all fit!  The great news is we still have room to bring clean clothes for ourselves.

We got all the plans made for the activities for the week, and we have all been warned about the best laid plans... but at least we have a plan to deviate from! 

Keep praying--we still have to get to the airport, get to Lima, get to Arequipa, meet the kids, not get sick......

Here we go-

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